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Dinosaur Hunting on Lake Winnebago

Wisconsin. A state steeped in outdoors heritage and tradition. Generations of hunters and fishermen have taken to the woods and the waters of this great state for many generations, but you would be hard pressed to find a tradition in the outdoors older than the Sturgeon spearing season on the Lake Winnebago chain.

Lake Winnebago is home to the largest self reproducing population of lake sturgeon in the world. These giants of the lake live for well over 100 years and reach sizes of over 200 pounds! Continue reading Dinosaur Hunting on Lake Winnebago

Join Me For A Weekend of Sturgeon Spearing in 2017

February 10-12, 2017

Photos, a video and information on the 2017 HuntFishTravel Sturgeon Spearing outing you’re invited to, as well as the highlights from 2016.

The quest is for dinosaurs older than my grandparents on Lake Winnebago….the hunt for prehistoric behemoths that prowl the waters less than fifty miles from my home.

Join Me For A Weekend of Sturgeon Spearing in 2017 Shanty Town

These creatures fascinate me. Their history is rife with drama and science fiction; you can read how Wisconsin can justifiably claim them as the state’s most successful conservation effort here:

Continue reading Join Me For A Weekend of Sturgeon Spearing in 2017

#HuntFishTravel 130 – Sturgeon Spearing through the Ice in Wisconsin

“”HuntFishTravel 130 – Sturgeon Spearing through the Ice in Wisconsin”

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In this episode Carrie is joined by Lee Schneider of Boot-Trac Adventures. They chat about sturgeon spearing scouting, cutting in, how to navigate the roads on the lake and they share their two biggest tips for first time spearers. Continue reading #HuntFishTravel 130 – Sturgeon Spearing through the Ice in Wisconsin

Sturgeon Camp 2014

Spending several days with a group of buddies, getting up at the crack of dawn and heading out into the frigid Wisconsin temps to try to kill a really big animal….could be an interchangeable description for either Deer Camp or Sturgeon Camp. Continue reading Sturgeon Camp 2014

A History of the Wisconsin Lake Sturgeon

Before we get into the Women on Winnebago event itself, let me give you a little history of Lake Winnebago sturgeon

Many moons ago when Wisconsin was first settled, the settlers that took up residence around Lake Winnebago were either farmers or fishermen.

The fishermen took advantage of the bounty that still to this day, resides in Lake Winnebago.

In the early 19th century, fishermen became dismayed when they realized their nets were being destroyed by an ancient fish native to the Great Lakes region.  The torpedo shaped fish had five rows of bony plates that would easily cut the nets; they were deemed “garbage fish” much like carp is today.  The fishermen began to slaughter the bony fish that would get caught and tear the nets by the thousands in an attempt to eradicate these pests. Continue reading A History of the Wisconsin Lake Sturgeon