The Canadian Outdoorsmans Christmas Wish List 003

The Canadian Outdoorsman’s Christmas Wish List

The Canadian Outdoorsman’s Christmas Wish List 001Are you struggling to find that perfect gift for the outdoors person in your life, maybe you’re stuck for ideas on what to buy for your son or daughter who is starting to take interest in the outdoors? 

Well here is my gift giving holiday guide that may help you out.  With the winter season approaching there are lots of great outdoor activities for outdoorsman.  For those who like to hit the hard water there are some necessities you need.  Ice fishing pop up huts are a great idea, from single one man flip over models that are built onto a sled that also double to pull all your fishing gear out on the ice to six man overnight huts, complete with floor cut outs for fishing holes and stove pipes.  You also need tools for making that hole to get through the ice, there are spuds and hand augers to power augers, all would put a smile on any fisherman’s face.  Don’t forget great stocking stuffer ideas like packages of teardrop, ice and slush scoops, bobbers and hand warmers.

For the bow hunter this Christmas, let’s keep them safe with a safety restraint system to protect them if they happen to fall out of their tree stand?  There are also some really great 3d targets to practice making that perfect shot on.  There are lots of great instructional books and videos on tuning and setting up your archery equipment.  If your archer enjoys making their own arrows maybe they would like some flashy arrow wraps and some new feathers or vanes?  They will also need some great stocking stuffers like, bowstring wax, fletching glue, an arrow puller or maybe a new set of Allen wrenches and knocking pliers.

For the waterfowler this Christmas, who wouldn’t like a new motorized decoy?  From spinning wing type to decoys that bob and quiver in the water, they make a great gift and really draw in the birds.  Other great ideas are blind bags, to carry ammunition, calls and that thermos of coffee to the blind, keeping your valuables dry and safe.  Elbow length water proof gloves are a must, for picking up ducks and decoys; nothing chills to the bone more than icy water in the late season.  Stocking stuffers for this hearty group is never ending, always in need of hand warmers, face paint, lanyards to hang calls on and a good thermos for a hot cup of coffee.  Another great idea is a head lamp to help see in those early hours setting up decoys in the dark.

Maybe your loved one likes to chase upland birds and small game like rabbits and squirrels.  There are great selections of hunter orange safety vest complete with recoil pads on the shoulder and game pouches on the back.  Make sure you get one with good pockets to keep shells in that don’t open when crossing fences and thickets.  A good pocket knife for skinning game in the field is always nice, one with a good locking blade for safety.  Every bird hunter loves their guns, often handed down from father to son, so a new gun cleaning kit, with extra lubricants, cleaning patches and bore tools would make a great gift.

For under the fisherman’s tree this year there are some great ideas.  How about a multiple fishing rod carrier, helps organize, protect and store their investment.  Another great protection idea is reel booties and covers which come in different styles and colours for spinning or bait casting reels.  How about upgrading their old tackle box with a new style soft sided multi tray tackle system?  Great for organizing different lures and items.  I am also a big fan of soft plastic storage bags and sent additives.  Another handy tool for every fisherman is a line re-spooling stand, it allows you to put tension on that new line removing any memory twist and laying the new line perfectly on your reels spool.  Stocking stuffers for this group is vast!  Anything from crank baits, bobbers and packages of hooks to bags of soft plastic worms and clippers for trimming fishing line knots.

You cannot forget about your favorite hunting companion and family member.  For the pointer, retriever or just the family pet, how about a new pet bed?  For Retrievers working hard all season long in cold icy water, filled with branches and submerged trunks there are great camo neoprene swimming vest.  These have pockets for adding flotation and protection to your dog’s chest.  The built in handles aid in helping them up in the back of the truck bed or into the boat.  Another gift idea for the hunting dog are the wide assortment of training aids from fetching bumpers, tracking scents and whistles.  Maybe you’re thinking of a adding to your family this season with a new puppy…. Well I may just be able to help you out with that?

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  1. All of these great gift ideas can be found at Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shops, Dicks Sporting Goods or Gander Mountain. And for my canadian readers Canadian Tire is now stocking lots of big names like Jiffy augers, clam ice hurs and frabil. Oh and we have 6 chocolate lab puppies for sale pure bred lol

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