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Gear Review: Moultrie M-880

Moultrie M-880 Gear Review 001At the first of every year I go through my hunting equipment and evaluate what items need to be upgraded.  This year I decided to upgrade my trail cameras.  I started researching the different makes and models out there and decided to purchase the Moultrie M-880.  I have used Moultrie products in the past with great success.  I have a Moultrie M100 and have never had any problems with it.  Which made my decision to stay with Moultrie products that much easier. Continue reading Gear Review: Moultrie M-880

Gear Review: Fishing Baitz – Bass Worms & Pro Series Lizards

Gear Review Fishing Baitz Bass Worms & Pro Series Lizards 001Recently I arrived home from work to a parcel full of soft plastic baits from Fishing Baitz.  There was a mix of colours from watermelon, red flak, June bug to salt n pepper just to name a few.  The first package consisted of 6“ Bass worms and the second package 6“ Pro Series Lizards.  Both packages are extremely well package which is important to any soft plastic fisherman, no one likes leaking oils sliming up and bleeding through into their other baits.  These baits are poured extremely well; there is no extra flashing anywhere on the bodies or tails.  Even colour mixing and transition from body to tail.  Great glitter and shine throughout.  The Pro Series Lizards have long action legs none of which rip off easily and supply extreme action in the water. Continue reading Gear Review: Fishing Baitz – Bass Worms & Pro Series Lizards

Gear Review: 2013 Bowtech Carbon Black Knight

Gear Review 2013 Bowtech Black Knight 011Carbon Fiber.  A miracle material that’s used in everything from supercars to arrows.  And until recently, only three companies (Hoyt, Win and Win, and CarbonTech) had bows made from carbon fiber.

Until now.

Bowtech recently introduced a new bow to the masses that has had some mild interest.  Called the “Black Knight”, the bow has a 31” Axle to Axle, 330 FPS IBO speed, and an amazing 3.2 pounds mass weight.
Continue reading Gear Review: 2013 Bowtech Carbon Black Knight

Gear Review: Nikon Travelite 9×25 Binoculars


It seems like forever since I first started working with Nikon.  My first experience with the company was in 2009 at an archery event where I first fell in love with the Monarch binocular series.

Hunting in the Midwest, I didn’t always need such a powerful, not to mention heavy set of binoculars.  For the mist part, I hunt in wooded tracts of land, many times with visibility only up to about 50 yards.
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Gear Review: Slumper Seats

Slumper Seats Saved My Ass – Literally.

A few weeks ago I enjoyed a week with my gal pals from out of state.  During that week of hunting, I found out much to my great chagrin that a tree stand was just not for me.

Not knowing what to do, and not wanting to sit on the rain soaked ground for a week, Slumper Seats came to my rescue.

Actually; Slumper Seats came to OUR rescue as Thelissa from Utah used one as well, she raved about how comfortable it was after the first day and it was nice to have a second opinion for my review.

Sitting on a rocky outcropping or at the base of a tree with nothing between your butt and the cold earth but your pants – kinda sucks.  You can feel the earth beneath you leeching the warmth from your body and if it’s been raining, you’ll inevitably end up with a wet, muddy splotch right about where your pockets are.

Slumper Seats are made right here in Wisconsin, this American made company takes pride in choosing high quality material for its various models.  Continue reading Gear Review: Slumper Seats