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Wide Open Spaces: 30 Reasons the General Public Wishes They Could Go to SHOT Show

By: Samantha Lile  January 25, 2015

The SHOT Show is the greatest display of firearms, hunting gear and military equipment the world has to offer, and the general public isn’t allowed to go.

Almost 64,000 shooting,hunting and outdoor trade affiliates attended the 2015 Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show) Jan. 20-23 at Las Vegas’ Sands Expo Center, where they bought and sold plenty of firearms, ammunition, outdoors and even law enforcement, tactical and military equipment from more than 1,600 companies representing 150 countries.

The SHOT show isn’t open to the public, but there’s at least 30 reasons we wish it was:

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#HuntFishTravel 88 – How to Shoot Like a Sniper with CheytacUSA

“#HuntFishTravel 88 – How to Shoot Like a Sniper with CheytacUSA”

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In this episode Carrie and Rachel are chatting with Andrew of CheytacUSA. They talk about the 408 M300 Intervention, what is considered “long distance”, why hunters may need to shoot longer yardage, the fundamentals of sighting your rifle in for long ranges, shooting dirty, breathing techniques, customizing a rifle and recognizing elements like wind when you’re about to take a shot. Listen in to find out which movie the 408 M200 was featured in. Continue reading #HuntFishTravel 88 – How to Shoot Like a Sniper with CheytacUSA

Service Review: Gun Watcher – Locate and Negotiate!

North Florida                                 COORDINATES XY: Anywhere, Florida

I admit it – I am a budget minded shopper. From cars to homes, when it comes to big ticket items, I am a tireless negotiator who will argue, discuss, cajole, and sometimes whine in order to receive the best deal.

While some products are inarguable worth every penny spent, I have – at times – had to remind the “offended” seller/vendor that my need to negotiate for a lower price is nothing personal, it is just good business. After all, my money spends just as well in my pocket as it will in someone else’s. Continue reading Service Review: Gun Watcher – Locate and Negotiate!

Jim Willes Reviews the GunWatcher Website

Hello outdoors world!

For this segment of The Willes Way I was asked to check out and review the website GUNWATCHER. With the explosion of the firearms market in recent years, there has been a serious increase in the number of websites dedicated to firearms sales. Needless to say I did not have high expectations as I have looked at several while shopping for my latest deer rifle, and found most of them to be useless and I really did not like using them. I thought they had too much going on on most of the page making them kind of hard to spend a lot of time on. I have always been a more hands on buyer, so that did not help. Continue reading Jim Willes Reviews the GunWatcher Website