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Wisconsin - Hostess of the award winning podcast HuntFishTravel. Carrie's blog posts cover the podcast, as well as posts covering hunting and fishing and fiction stories. Sunday Morning Musings include personal stories and thoughts. Photography posts highlight professional images.

Memorial Day Camping Trip

You don’t always have to travel far away to enjoy time with the family outdoors.

For us this Memorial Day weekend we chose to go camping at Kohler-Andrae State Park, it’s only an hour away and provides us with a plethora of outdoor activities.

We do a lot with my first cousin and her family, I am grateful to have family that enjoys the outdoors as much as I do.  Zach and I both love their kids and we always have a lot of fun camping with them.

Comprised of 125 campsites, we made our reservations about 2 months prior.

Zone 1 Spring Turkey Hunt Part 1 – Dead Bird Walking – 2012 Turkey #1

When you think of Buffalo County, Wisconsin, images of huge record book whitetail deer come to mind, of outfitters with their nose in the air because they know they have huge bucks and can demand large sums of money for the privilege of chasing one of these grandiose beasts.

This was a “slow year”!!

Bluff Country Outfitters, owned by Tom and Laurie Indrebo are certainly not the normal Buffalo County Outfitters.  Willing to bend over backwards to make sure your time spent is enjoyable, their prices are reasonable and comprehensive and the lodging, meals and guide service; simply top notch.  Their house is filled with antler sheds and deer mounts equaling those of the rich and famous. Continue reading Zone 1 Spring Turkey Hunt Part 1 – Dead Bird Walking – 2012 Turkey #1

BCO Storm – A Photo Supplement to Zone 1 Spring Turkey Hunt

This photo blog is a photo supplement to ZONE 1 SPRING TURKEY HUNT PART 1 – DEAD BIRD WALKING – 2012 TURKEY #1



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#HuntFishTravel 001 – An Introduction to the HuntFishTravel

This very first podcast, episode 1 of the Wild World of CarrieZ is a brief overview of why I started the Wild World of CarrieZ podcast (re-branded to HuntFishTravel), a bit of background and what you can expect from the show going forward. Continue reading #HuntFishTravel 001 – An Introduction to the HuntFishTravel

Key West Salmon

Salmon is a staple here in the Zylka household and it’s not always a Friday Fish Fry when fish is served up.

Tonight we’re having a fabulous recipe we found online.

Enjoy! Continue reading Key West Salmon