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Tips to Help Your Taxidermist

Years ago I apprenticed as a taxidermist with one of my hunting fishing mentors and quickly learned that proper field care and storage of a prized animal or fish determines the final outcome of the mount. Here are some simple guidelines to help you and your taxidermist make the best possible show piece for your trophy room.
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Gear Review: EcoTrek Fitness Bars

EcoTrek Fitness Whole Food Bars where developed to contain high quality ingredients, with no refined sugars or added sweeteners. Based around whole green foods they claim to be “wholesome, delicious bars with a tastier alternative to the typical health bar.“ Continue reading Gear Review: EcoTrek Fitness Bars

How to Smoke Venison Back Straps

When smoking venison and most wild game, I prefer to brine the meat instead of marinating it. Brine penetrates deeper into the meat and the salt prevents the fibers from tightening up, keeping moisture and natural juices inside.

Take pride and some extra time to make sure all the silver skin and tough pieces are trimmed off. No one especially non-hunters like to chew on a tough old dried up piece of meat. You spent hours in the field to harvest that buck, now is the time to make it the best it can be on the table. Continue reading How to Smoke Venison Back Straps

Wolfe Island Adventures

When the phone rang Friday night at 10 pm, looking at the name on caller id we knew something was wrong. It was my mother in law asking for help to pull their camping trailer back from Wolfe Island. Every year they make a summer camping trip to visit friends that live year round on the island that is only accessible via ferry from Kingston.
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Harvesting Your Own Nightcrawlers

My kids are getting to the age now where taking them fishing is becoming a fun favorite past time, but getting expensive. I was recently at the local bait shop to pick up some fresh night crawlers for the day on the water and I almost had a heart attack when the kid behind the counter said “3 dozen worms at $2.50 a dozen….umm let’s see that will be $7.50 please“. Are you kidding me? 2.50 A dozen? So I jumped online and googled live fishing bait, yes I google everything and was shocked to see how big the earthworm industry has grown. Continue reading Harvesting Your Own Nightcrawlers


With the start of many spring seasons in the field finally here like bear, turkey, trout and morels, there is one more unwanted season that has also started. TICK SEASON! Continue reading Ticks!

Building Wood Duck Boxes

The Wood Duck is one of North Americas most colorful waterfowl, its scientific name of (Aix Sponsa) translates into “water bird in bridal dress“.  These beautiful bright colored ducks nest in old growth timber found along river bottoms, beaver ponds and marsh lands.  They like to nest in natural tree cavities and abandoned wood pecker holes, with in close access to water to brood their young.  Continue reading Building Wood Duck Boxes

Warming Up, Exercises and Training for Archery

Archery appears to be a low impact sport where injuries are not common.  One can walk up and down the shooting line at any club or event and think most archers could use a diet.  I am going to go out on a limb here and ask you some questions.  How many of you have a burning pain under your shoulder blade?  How about your elbow?  Anyone have arthritic pain in the joints of your fingers?  If you answered yes to any of these question, chances are you have a repetitive sports injury.  Continue reading Warming Up, Exercises and Training for Archery

Mechanical vs Fixed Blade Broadheads

For many years archery camps has been divided into two camps.  One half favour fixed blade broadheads and the other mechanical.  One would think that the older hunters would be in the fix blade camp, the younger in the mechanical but this is not the case.  One thing all archers can agree on is that broadheads must be sharp, balanced and well-tuned. 
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The Things We Like

The Things We LikeIt’s that magical time of year where the mornings are getting crisper, the air has a bit of a bite to it.  The trees start to turn to magnificent oranges, reds and yellows.  Tis the season that we have been dreaming of since the last one closed.  All the time spent this summer preparing is about to payoff.  From stringing decoys to hanging tree stands and checking trail camera pictures.  The time is near.   Continue reading The Things We Like

What’s In Your Bow Case? What if?

What’s In Your Bow Case 001With Archery Season around the corner and many indoor leagues starting soon, it’s easy to get caught up with excitement and anticipation.  My original idea for this blog post was to break down archery equipment to the basics and how to maintain, adjust and repair.  As I started to write, I thought lets go open my bow case and take an inventory of what I carry with me?  Wow is all I can say, I didn’t think I had jammed that much stuff into that single case!  Do I really need all of it?  Heck yes!  What if’s start to run through my mind.  Like what if I am at the club shooting and my sight bar comes loose?  What if my serving comes undone?  What if my peep turns? What if I forget my finger tab?  PANICK sets in.  Relax Jay, you’re a pack rat and you know it, just keep telling yourself you need it all.  Better to have than not to have. Continue reading What’s In Your Bow Case? What if?

School of Fishing is in Session – Taking the Kids Fishing

Taking the Kids FishingLast weekend was boy’s weekend and that meant fishing!  So we woke up early had a great breakfast of Apple Jacks for the boys and coffee for me.  Loaded up all our gear and headed to my hunting partners farm where we have a great stretch of river to fish.  After a short walk down the bank path, the boys talking a mile a minute about who’s going to catch the most and biggest, we hit our first spot to try.  Continue reading School of Fishing is in Session – Taking the Kids Fishing

Gear Review: Fishing Baitz – Bass Worms & Pro Series Lizards

Gear Review Fishing Baitz Bass Worms & Pro Series Lizards 001Recently I arrived home from work to a parcel full of soft plastic baits from Fishing Baitz.  There was a mix of colours from watermelon, red flak, June bug to salt n pepper just to name a few.  The first package consisted of 6“ Bass worms and the second package 6“ Pro Series Lizards.  Both packages are extremely well package which is important to any soft plastic fisherman, no one likes leaking oils sliming up and bleeding through into their other baits.  These baits are poured extremely well; there is no extra flashing anywhere on the bodies or tails.  Even colour mixing and transition from body to tail.  Great glitter and shine throughout.  The Pro Series Lizards have long action legs none of which rip off easily and supply extreme action in the water. Continue reading Gear Review: Fishing Baitz – Bass Worms & Pro Series Lizards

Pre-season Waterfowl Thoughts

pre season waterfowl thoughts 2The dog days of summer can be long and boring especially when it’s 100+ degrees outside!  For me this means prep time for the upcoming seasons.  Goose, dove and duck all open in September so prep can be as simple as practicing your calling.  I have my calls in my car all season long and practice a little every day in the parking lot at work at lunch time or breaks.  This is a good time to also repair, touch up paint, check weights and tie new lines onto decoys.  Continue reading Pre-season Waterfowl Thoughts

Ontario Introduces Mourning Dove Season

Canada DovesWow so many rumours floating around this week, who doesn’t like a good juicy rumour?  At first I thought no way this one could be true, so I scrambled for my smart phone to see the newly released Migratory Game Bird Hunting Regulations for Ontario.  As the pdf starts to load the first thing you notice is the “Important Updates” to the regulations, interesting.  Updates I think, this is looking good and there it is “Introduction of a Mourning Dove Hunting Season” for the Central and Southern Districts of Ontario. Continue reading Ontario Introduces Mourning Dove Season

Walk In, Trash Out – The Canadian Outdoorsman

The inspiration for this blog came to me this morning as I was putting the house hold recycling containers out to the road side for the bi-weekly collection truck.  We all hear the message of “Do your part to preserve the environment for the future”.  Well this lesson seems to be strong in the youth of today, but seems to slip past the more mature.  Nothing is sadder to see, than a group on a passing boat throwing garbage overboard, or packages and wrappers from empty bait containers scattered along a great shore fishing bank.  Are we too lazy to carry out what we packed in?  After all you brought it out, used its contents, thus it should be easier to take back home?
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