Carrie Zylka’s 2017 February Wrap Up

February was a short month but it felt like a really long one. The month kicked off with the 5th annual Women on Winnebago Media Event. Every year the Fond du Lac Visitor’s Bureau hosts a handful of outdoor communicators for Wisconsin’s Sturgeon Spearing season. This year we had friends from out of state join us which made it more fun. If you’re on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook you can search for #SturgeonSpearing and #ss2017 hashtags to see several of our posts and photos.

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Exciting news/Special Announcements:

This month my friend Rob Sharkey, host of the Sharkfarmer Podcast and I launched a new co-venture. I’m excited to announce The Farmer & The City Girl Podcast! We’re having some very real conversations about agriculture and food. We are talking about both farming and consuming practices. It’s been fun getting into the mind of the farmer and I hope it’s been fun for him to get into a straight up city girl’s head.

Real life conversations about agriculture and how it affects the consumer. #agconvo

The show is gaining momentum and has produced a lot of conversations and comments. Good or bad, we’re excited to hear everyone’s opinions.

I’m proud of what we put together in 10 days. I would NOT recommend someone try to launch a podcast in 10 days. From building a website, creating logos and artwork, coming up with a show title, domain name and show topics, creating all the various accounts we would need, making sure everything in our podcast hosting account was perfect, not to mention recording/editing/publishing five launch episodes and their correlating website post and unique episode artwork.

It was a ton of work to accomplish in 10 days.

I wouldn’t recommend it. 🙂

What I’m Reading:

Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo. It’s the second book in the series and I thoroughly enjoyed the first one. It’s bordering on young adult, but violent enough to be rated for adults. There’s an “I can’t have you but I want you and I know you want me and we are sometimes together but then we break up eight gazillion times and then you’re with another girl and throwing it in my face and somehow it’s my fault” love story arc which usually drives me nuts but in this story, it’s working. Mostly because the way Ms. Bardugo has written it – pretty much anyone can relate it to real life events.

It’s full of magic and mystery and of course a really, really bad dude who’s in love with the main character.

In my opinion one of the things that makes this series so successful is that it’s very complex, but there are glossaries, maps and hierarchy lists that explain who everyone is – very helpful in a world that uses made up terms for people.

Beverage of the Month:

Margaritas at Big Daddy’s Brew Crew. We had some folks from Indiana come into town for training at my work. They were here for Fat Tuesday and I’m not one to miss an excuse to enjoy Happy Hour. And yes – they were delicious.

What I’m listening to:

It’s been Metallica all month long. In January, I decided to close down one of my shows – The Metal Chick Podcast. But before I did, I reviewed the new Metallica album “Hardwired…to Self-Destruct”.

You can listen to the clip here:

Lesson of the month:

Don’t sweat the small stuff. You can only control your own actions, you can’t control anyone else’s. If someone you care about treats you poorly, your reaction to the situation is all that matters. You can let it consume you or you can move on.

Forgive, but never forget.

Stories I wrote this month:

February sucked as far as writing goes. I didn’t get a single short story written (cuz you know, I was a little busy launching a new show!) so here’s a throwback to a favorite I wrote last year. The writing prompt was “Valentine’s Day love advice you would give your 10 year old self”.

Carrie Zylka 10 Years Old
Yes that’s really me at 10 years old…

You can listen to the 5 minute audio clip here:

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Twitter: @sf28430 & @thealicenelson

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Instagram: High Heels and Canola Fields

What I’m looking forward to in March:

Zach and I have a weekend getaway planned in Eagle River. Snowmobiling and unplugging, can’t wait to snag some video and photos and share the adventure.

The WTF Photo of the Month:

Trying to take a selfie with my horse… SMDH

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8 thoughts on “Carrie Zylka’s 2017 February Wrap Up”

  1. Another pod cast? Girl you are a machine!
    I’ve just subscribed and can’t wait to listen.
    Why did you shut down the metal one? that review is sick, makes me want to go buy iyt.

    1. lol thanks Mary, I can’t help it – it’s an addiction!
      I actually shut down Metal Chick Podcast and replaced it with The Farmer And The City Girl Podcast. MCP was just too much work.

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